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Before~After Boho Style Window Bling


My project example will show you what my kitchen window and lower cabinets looked like before sari ribbon came to my rescue! This is my kitchen before we moved in when I did my walk through. While I grew to love the openness of seeing everything at hand, and the ease of reaching in grabbing tools, baking sheets, etc., I decided I didn't really want everyone to see it, especially guests. Plus, there's the critter factor and cats wear monkey pants quite often so you never know what they'll get into. (thank goodness for that!)

Another interesting fact about the unique home we live in is there are no square corners. The house is shaped more octogonish which is one reason our "on the tiny side" house (which I love!) did not have cupboard doors. Look at the angles near the floor in the picture above and you can see our house is delightfully wonky--just like me!

That's EXACTLY when the bells went off in my creative noggin' and my boho style window bling thang was birthed! 

Full view before pic below--much like the angle you see in my videos. My Boho Style Window Bling certainly transformed this space, don't you agree? If you haven't watched the class videos yet, please check them out! You'll see the fabulous results how sari ribbon made this exact space functional, beautiful and economic to do! In under an hour! 


TaDa! My sari ribbon happily ever after picture below. 


Use my project as an example how to create your own project and post your before and after pictures in our project gallery, too! If you'd like, write a little blurb about it, or a lot if you're like me... Or simply post your before and after pics for us to see!  (or is it sliply? wink)

Posting your projects here is like having our own special gallery! Our time to show off and shine! Your projects have the amazing potential to inspire all of us to buy more crack...errrrr I mean sari ribbon. (wink...see I get you!) I meant to say...ahem... Your project will ignite each person here to try something new, look around their homes in a fresh light to find a unique place to put their boho bling. You see, I'm not the only teacher in here. You will teach ALL of us some sassy tricks by adding your project here for all of us to see and glean ideas from! Isn't that cool?

Yet, the real purpose of our project room is so I can celebrate with each of you for joining me in SRA (sari ribbon anonymous) and SHOWING OFF YOUR BOHO STYLE WINDOW BLING! Boldly!! Plus, I'll be here to enable you...oops... I mean support you in your brand new addiction....goodness, I mean help you while you're making your project or posting your projects to our gallery should you need help.

And you can post your project to public, where the entire student body within SkillShare gets to see it and show their appreciation. Or adjust it to classmates only and it will be for our eyes only.

A little birdie told me there's a mermaid project on its way from a student...Another will be totally PINK, did I say PINK? She's only 5 years old and alreadly rocking the sari making her very own Boho Style Window Bling! So come people! Let's post those projects! I cannot wait to see what you're making!

And forgive me f I typped in spelll checkx inn hheere. 

Happy creating!! 

PS I have a new project coming real soon to share with all of you! 

Posting one of our classmate's project here until I can figure out how to assist her to add her outstanding project here to our gallery. This was done by Jan K. 



Jan's after pic with her Boho Style Window Bling! 


Wow, oh wow, OH WOW! Just look how much life, color and happy this space has now. Jan, your project is an excellent example of how easy it is to make a huge change with little effort or time! Thank you for sharing your project with us! I'll create instructions in our Community Section so everyone can learn how to do it. Happy creating everyone!


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