Before the Light. | Skillshare Projects

Before the Light.

Looking for the light.

Challenging experience for me...

The paper I used was probably too thin and too rough- a smoother effect would have been nice, but I'm used to working in oils so that's probably why I feel like that. I loved thinking in a 'chiaroscuro' mind set though.

I modelled for the piece, setting up a strong lighting source trying to angle my face in a way where facial expressions could still be seen but the dramatic lighting would cast heavy shadows on the rest of my face. Interesting to see the colours that become accentuated in different levels of light, purples and russets and teals...

Not sure I will ever pull it off quite as elegantly as Marco, but I really enjoy trying. He's a master of the Faber-Castells and deserves his place on a pedestal. Hats off to you sir.


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