"Before" handwriting sample

"Before" handwriting sample - student project

"Before" handwriting sample - image 1 - student project

I don't DISLIKE my handwriting, but I definitely see areas where I wish my handwriting was cleaner. It wasn't until I wrote the sample that I noticed that my style changes quite a bit in just one little paragraph. Although I initially started this course to learn how I can tidy up my printing, I am eager to see how the same strategies can improve my cursive. I generally prefer a 0.4 mm gel pen, so my first step will be to sample other writing instruments to see if that helps a bit. Let's see how I improve over time! 

I've attached two samples of goal handwriting that I found on Pinterest. Both are very consistent in their given sizes, spacings, and styles. They also seem very calm, like the writer was not rushed. Even without lines, both handwritings are straight, so I'll definitely be practicing with guidelines if I'm going to come anywhere near these samples. "Before" handwriting sample - image 2 - student project"Before" handwriting sample - image 3 - student project