"Before" and "project" pics

"Red" project photos

For judging:

I didn't have any red food on hand, but I have a shiny red pasta machine, so I paired that with a glass of red wine and went to work. I had to use my kitchen lighting, as it gets dark before 5pm now, and this is an evening project. I'm limited to my countertop for these...not the best background, I'm learning.

Threw together a quick red sauce for the project, using the pasta from above. Shot these in daylight, as best I could.


I started a food blog a while back (http://dianesfoodblog.wordpress.com/ for anyone who cares), and I provide step by step details and photos of each recipe. I'm fine with those photos: I just want them to remotely resemble something my readers might see in their own kitchens if they make my recipe.

My biggest challenge is getting good shots of the final dish. These are the photos I use as the cover photo for the posts, so I want them to look good. I don't need them to look like art, but would love to make them a little more artsy, appealing, and attractive. Anything that starts with "A." :-)  Suggestions? I have little to no creativity when it comes to staging food, using props, etc., but I don't really like the zoomed-in look of just the food.


Spaghetti Bolognese


Spanish Chicken Stew: soups and stews are particularly hard for me to get a good photo.

Swiss Steak - I like to zoom in for detail, but it needs something else....

Spaghetti Carbonara needing some staging..or something

Spaghetti Carbonara after staging...still doesn't look as good as I'd like it to



Gazpacho with toppings







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