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Before and Afters...

My name is Melissa Moze and I am a full time mom and part-time interor design student in Austin, Texas.  I am obsessed with color, pattern, textiles and anyting vintage!   I have always considered myself  a little "out there" in my designs, but I just do what I like.  I hope you like it too....

Here is the before picture of my sofa.  Big and Brown.  Yuk!  Needs color...

Bingo!  Color.  I added two of my treasured Kantha throws. 

I added just a few pillows, not much else needed.  Now where is my cat?

And here is sofa after its transformation!  (Grigio,my cat, would not cooperate so I substituted my stuffed kitty from Mexico!)

This is my coffee table before...  I've had a big wooden tray on it for years and decided it had to go!

I tried a couple of different options and finally decided on these two trays.  One for bling, and two, I needed a better way to display my funky head planters and books.

This planter is named China.  She is the newest of my collection!

Then I added Matilda Jean, Esther, and two of the three tiny ladies...

Lastly, I added the third little lady and Eve on my stack of books.  I love Eve's medusa like succlent hair-do!

I am pleased with the end result!!!

This photo addresses all 8 of Justina's Principles of Interior Styling!

  1. Needs:  A comfortable and casual place to sit
  2. Shape:  Diversity of size and shape with the rectangular sofa, round coffee table and stool, large and small pillows
  3. Color:  The green sofa makes a bold statement in the room that is mostly black and white.  The colors in the pouf add just the pop of color needed for visual interest.
  4. Pattern:  Plenty of pattern mixed in the pouf covered in a crazy quilt and the botanical print draperies give the room visual balance.
  5. Texture:  The use of upholstered sofa, fuzzy brown throw, and wood planked coffee table provide different textures throughout the room
  6. Placement:  the power of 3's in the use of the botanicals, three pillows in the middle of the sofa and three larger items on the coffee table create a harmonious effect
  7. Bling:  The shiny silver light fixture provides just enough bling in this casually styled room
  8. Botanicals:  The use of three plants behind the sofa in different sized pots repeats the green in the sofa and draws the eye upwards and to the windows.

5 Before Pictures of my "Screamingly Un-stylized" Spaces!

This is the sofa in my sunroom.  I love color and this is just WAY to brown.  The only thing I can say that it is good for right now is my cat, Grigio, who loves to lounge here and talk to the birds out the window.

Ahh, color here in front of the brown sofa, but clutter and too many of pieces my funky collection of head planters on the coffee table... 

Credenza/my office are always a mess but I love the detail of my inherited table from my grandmother.  And I love that I painted it hot pink.

Another inherited piece from my great aunt, my bookshelves need help. 

This is my bedroom.  I want to ditch the iron bed and make a pallet base and headboard to cover with my vintage Handira.  I also want to paint the room, but I don't think I'll have enough time!  You can't see this in the picture, but my alarm clock is wrapped around the metal part of the lampshade so I can read it from the bed.  I think I better find a table quick!


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