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Before and After: the Queue

What i really want to learn are the ways to design good composition. It seems like it doesn't matter what you draw and how good you can draw. If the composition is good the drawing becomes good and vice versa. So the main target here was to find something interesting in composition and the ways of finding it as well.

The first try:


The second:


The third:


There is still no evident plot. No idea of a queue where people argue about their positions. So i decided to add a background path. I guess it will lead the eye and will remind of a queue:


And some further compositional variations:


Well, i like the composition more or less. But the plot remains unclear. I think i should leave it as is by now and start something else to keep on going.

Roman, thank you very much for that class! It's a great luck to find a teacher who is as talented in drawing as in teaching.

======= 29/01/2016 ======= UPDATE

Can' t stop trying something different with those characters shapes:



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