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Before and After: in the mind of Roman Muradov

This project in itself was a before and after. I started in a particular style changed it and went back to the original style for the final.

To do an illustration in the style of Roman Muradov, illustrating Roman Muradov and his perceived process from before and after.

Final Output
I did the illustration depicting Roman Muradov in a combination of my style and Roman's but using Roman's illustrative process as seen in the tutorial.

Original Concept art


This was my original concept done entirely in PS with multiple layers and one pass with minor changes. The concept illustrates how Roman sees the world and illustrates it using traditional and digital art process leading to its usual final destination of print all keeping in mind the requested concept of BEFORE and AFTER. The desaturated colours behind highlights his use of them in his own art. It can be somes monochromatic or analogous leaning on the warm side of things. This was my rough sketch for the original concept.

Final Concept process
For my final concept I am using my stlye (i am a beginning self taught student that intends to lean toward realism and detailed illustration.) and Roman's very telling ilustrative style. For the watercolour I used Rebelle, which allowed me to use very traditional watercolour techniques with its simulations for liquid and lightboard layers.
I did multiple sheets/layers with the different parts of the final art some was not used in the final as seen below.






With my watercolour pieces, i then went into PS and laid it out based on the concept detailed below. I used Roman's process as seen in his tutorial especially for the background where i used the pixel option for the rectangle shape tool to colour the original greyscale waterclour art. and copy it four times.

Final Art and concept
The final concept was still in line with the first but with a different delivery. Roman's face/bust is in the middle of four squares/blocks that appear to be painted, yet are the colours of Windows for PCs. This represents Roman's during art process of Traditional and Digital. The reflection of Roman in the four blocks illustrates that the final result is a reflection of Roman himself. Roman in the middle is the start, Roman himself with his spectrum of ideas and emotions is what leads to the final product.


Thanks Roman for a really interesting class and for letting us into your process.
Ypa !


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