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Jet McLeod

making art in deep space



Before and After: Clarity

I had a hard time brainstorming, but my brain just resists me sometimes and it was not the method's fault.  I did come up with an idea I liked in the end, so all's well...


I experimented with charcoal, which I've never really used before.  I made some really interesting marks, and I'm excited about using it more in future.  I also used a highlighter, which I don't usually think of as an option.





Here's the final!:


I went with the idea of clarity, of the idea that before we have scientific information, we are able to imagine a more fantastic world.  I am very interested in the idea that people fill in the blanks in their world views with magic, and that when we learn more about how things truly are we are left with a more accurate but less magical reality.  There is, of course, something beautiful in seeing the true nature of things, even if it is not as fantastical as we had previously imagined.  So my before/after is a paradigm shift, and I really like how it turned out.  

I welcome any feedback or constructive criticism you might have.


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