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Before & After - Coffee Table & Sofa

Before Coffee Table + Sofa 

Hello everyone, I'm so excited that I finally got through all of Justina's awesome videos and am so happy to learn and apply the styling tips in my living room. I'm putting my coffee table and sofa deliverables together... I hope you don't mind. I have a huge sofa that I've had the most trouble styling and am going to need some time to shop for new cushions, so until then, I don't really have much to show for for the sofa. BUT, I did learn Justina's  tip on placing my pillows symetrically and that helped wonders when I did my own little photoshoot at home! (why did I not think of that before?!)

As for the coffee table, I've been stuck on a real styling rut. Having a 2 yo toddler really puts constrain on what you can/cannot have on the coffee table. Most of the time, she's the boss and would basically take over the coffee table with her toys (and that's not a pretty sight at all!) So, my needs is that I can't have too much clutter or knick knacks on my table... and basically, I need to style with things that I can easily remove so I kept it with just a few of my simple and favorite things (while keeping the 8 principles in mind.) 

I hope you like it! Would love to know what y'all think! 

After Coffee Table  + Sofa

Please feel free to send me any feedbacks (positive or constructive) as I am trying to hone in on my styling skills! Thank you so much, all! 

Cheers, Jeanne. 

P.S. - I may not have enough time to post deliverables for console, bookcase and bed before this class ends, but I'm hoping to do that in the next few weeks and post results on my blog, Shop Sweet Things


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