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Amy Grude

Program manager at software company



Before & After: Coffee Table, Sofa, Bookshelves

Before I started this, I associated "things" with clutter, hence the very blank slates.  Now I'm realizing how much more homey and inviting my space can look, as long as those things are styled.

Coffee Table Before & After

Before: I love this coffee table, but it is only serving the need to hold coasters and remote controls.

After.  I thought it might be too cluttered but after living with it for a few days, it felt naked to take anything away.

Sofa Before and After

Before: just a couple of mismatched pillows and mostly empty end tables. 


Bookshelf Before and After

This was the hardest project for me. I got rid of a lot of books, which was great, but there was A LOT of space to fill up. 



I finally found a way to display my diplomas! As an added bonus, the watering can I bought to use with all of my new plants doubles as decoration, so I don't need to find storage space for it.

Console Before & In Progress


The console needs to hold 3 things: mail, keys, and laundry quarters. It's kind of a mess.

In Progress:

I ordered an oval mirror from Etsy (white frame) to hang on the wall, but I still feel like it's missing a pop of color.

Bed Before

The bed has a color sceme, but doesn't look polished. I'm also tired of the green and brown.

8 Principles of Styling

Need: Couches for seating, and it looks as though the candles are being used and not just for decoration

Color: The yellow sunflowers and white couches stand out against the neutral browns and outdoor plants

Botanicals: Sunflowers

Bling: Metal candlesticks and glass vase

Shape: The round candlesticks and vase contrast with the straight lines of the cofee table, couches, and fireplace

Placement: candlesticks and books are grouped

Pattern: Fireplace rocks

Texture: There is a combination of smooth items (metal and glass) with rough items like wood and stone


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