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Before: 5 Key Areas

We moved into our sunny San Francisco apartment over a year ago and then found out we were expecting. After initially setting up the place life got busier and busier, and not much has been done with to our space in a long time (other than trying to keep the growing number of baby items at bay!). We're finally getting into more of a routine with our newly expanded family & I'm ready to liven up the place! 

Coffee table needs some serious organization. Tray or something for remotes. Clear off all the magazines & catalogs. And the sofa pillows are just... meh.

Console tables #1 is in our entryway. Mail, keys, change, sunglasses... whatever is in our hands when we walk through the door gets thrown on the dresser. Needs baskets/bowl/container of some sort to help with clutter... and some color to liven things up. 

Console table #2 is in the dining room. Not sure what to do here... it's a long wall & I feel like the dresser/picture above combo is too tall and not wide enough for the space.

We have some wall mounted shelves behind the sofa that I'm not a big fan of (they're a bit saggy and too short for the length of the wall), but they're staying for now... 

The poor bedroom is the most neglected because we spend the least amount of (awake) time in here... Just like all the other flat surfaces in my home, we could use some flat basket/bowls to corral the clutter on the bedside table. We need the lamp & white noise machine for baby sleeping in bassinet next to bed. I'd like to add some color to the bed.



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