Beets! - student project


Update: Final Draft

Here it is...Still a work in progress for me. I plan on continuing to work on some of the disconnects and streamlining the story but I've definitely learned so much working on this! Thanks for a great class!


So I've decided to go with Beets.  This one stems the most ideas for me (thanks to some of the feedback I've been getting) and is more visually compelling, which I naturally gravitate towards.  My overall goal for this screenwriting class is to make the film and for all intents and purposes, this one I feel like I can actually accomplish. It is simple, fun and plenty of room for imagination as I would like to incorporate a childlike quality. 

Thanks for everyone's feedback and I look forward to taking the next step with you all!

Hi guys, 

Here are my ideas!  Let me know what you think. Thanks!!

Beets...It's What's For Dinner!

A young girl is brought up on the drab and dreary canned vegetable. Day in and day out her dinner meal is accompanied with some sort of canned food. She generally can stomach whatever is on her plate until one day she is served the canned beet. Disgusted by this purple, putrid root she avoids eating them at all cost and creates a multitude of sneaky, escape routes while still clearing her plate so her mother will let her leave the table. Never realizing there are other options she continues in this limited produce world until one day she has had enough. Leaving the mundane canned life, she goes out to seek what else is possilble. On the road, the young girl stumbles upon a fresh farmer's market and realizes how grand produce can be if you take a step out and look for it. 

Bugarach and the Magic Mountain

A small village in the southeast of France is designated the only town to be protected by the oncoming apocalypse. Generally, a quiet, remote town of 200, nesteled in the valley under a majestic mountain, the town is now frought with paparazi and tourists. The villagers must decide how to handle the oncoming traffic and keep quiet the actual powers that exist in the mountain above them. Crafty and cunning, these villagers do their best to keep things as they once were but they are it's tricky protecting steadfast ways and hilarity ensues. 

The Grief Group

A woman in her mid 20's loses her boyfriend to a terrible car accident while drag racing. Three years later she is still mourning his death. Unable to move on with her life she runs a grief group to help others. One day she meets an older man who attends the group. After the meeting, the older man confronts her, finding it odd that such a young woman spends her free time with old people mourning the dead. He invites her over for dinner...offended and intrigued, she accepts. At his home, the older man shows the woman the darkroom where his wife used to work. Unwilling to take anything down, pictures are everywhere. Photos of their life decorate the room, hung on the line and all over the walls. She sees images of their wedding, his sons, birthdays, travel, love and laughter. Seeing these images the young woman is confronted with all the things she is missing out on and makes a choice.