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Bees - "Your Royal Flyness"

I started making this for the 2-Week *Spring* Pattern Design Challenge, but obviously didn't make the deadline! XD Oh well, I'm really pleased with how it turned out, so I'm glad I didn't try to rush it.

I love bees, and my name means "honeybee" in Greek, so I feel a sort of kinship to them, haha. They also used to call female beekeepers 'melissas' or collectively 'the melissae,' which I think is rad. So naturally, I've wanted to make bee patterns ever since learning about surface pattern design!

I made a Pinterest moodboard for this pattern, which you can find HERE.


My pattern block ended up being a rectangle, rather than a square:


And here's the repeat!


LMK what you think! :)

Update: I made a spot graphic for this pattern...



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