Beerbelly - student project


Beerbelly is a show that I've been wanting to put toegther, featuring beer labels. I want to brand the show so I can generate a poster for the event, proposal for the venue and a brief for the artists/designers to be involved.

I've never been able to drink beer due to an alcohol intolerenace but I've loved going into bottle shop with mates while they are making purchases, and just wandering up and down the aisle looking at the label designs.

I love the boldness of blackletter on old beer labels and would like to marry that with some linework for shading and depth. Experimenting with a restricted two colour pallette. Hopefully the end result will look like a beer label to reflect the subject of the exhibition.

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Featuring examples of  blackletter, calligraphy, letter press and lettering froman  old signwriting sample book.

Beerbelly - image 1 - student project

Melissa So

Freelance Graphic Designer