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Beer ingredient badges

This is for my first-ever Illustrator project. Prior to enrolling in this class I'd only opened Illustrator once to attempt to draw a car or something and it was a disaster. I'm not super artistically inclined but also not since the name of this class was "Basic Geometric Shapes" it really appealed to me in that I am an expert at basic geometric shapes. Squares? Triangles? You got it. I am ON IT.



Though I like to organize my thoughts visually most of the time, my notebooks are a mess. A mind map sounds like it would be right up my alley but I have to admit, this was the third or fourth iteration of the mind map because the first few got so disorganized and crazy that I could barely even tell what I was going for anymore. You can kind of see a previous version from the other side of the paper.

After some consideration (and so I didn't overwhelm myself) I decided to go with beer ingredient badges. I brew my own beer and I thought they might be useful in my labels for identifying what kinds of ingredients I've used.



forthcoming. Hops are hard to draw. Here is a thrown-together collage of what kind of things I'm working with:

Okay. Did some sketching. I knew hops would be a pain. I did not know all of my ingredients would be a pain to sketch, especially given my extremely limited sketching skillz.

I was surprised at how difficult I found the barley to draw, but I get the concept enough that I'm willing to let that one slide. As for the water drop, ehh well. Could be better but again I think that one is geometrically simple enough that I'll figure it out.

I had some trouble finding a good example of yeast to draw other than dry powdery yeast packet contents so I decided that I'm going to use tiny circles to build a little yeast pile. 

Hops. Oh, the hops. I had a lot of trouble figuring them out. All the photos I used to research looked different from the last so I couldn't quite grasp the patterns. I think I finally nailed it once I broke it down to the connecting lines and stopped focusing so much on the actual hop shape.



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