Beer Packaging

Beer Packaging - student project

I'm a bit behind here, but I'm going to get started with my concept:

I've got 2 roommates with a gluten intolerance +  another roommate who homebrews beer.

I'm going to use this exercise to develop a label for a hypothetical gluten-free beer made locally here in the SF Bay Area. I may make a label for a lager and for a cider. 

3 Potential Brand Names:

Eureka! (The official CA state motto)

               Eureka! ____________

               Eureka! Gluten-Free Cider

               Eureka! Gluten-Free Lager

               Eureka! Gluten-Free IPA

CounterCulture (somehow play on the beer counter + the hippie counter culture) I like this concept, but I'm having a hard time elaborating on it.

               Counter Culture: Gluten-Free Bohemian Beverages

               Counter Culture: Radical Gluten-Free Beverages

Free. (For Gluten-Free)





My design direction will depend on which brand identity I choose, but I'll go ahead and post a few beer labels I like.

Beer Packaging - image 1 - student project

Beer Packaging - image 2 - student project

Beer Packaging - image 3 - student project

Beer Packaging - image 4 - student project

Beer Packaging - image 5 - student project

April 16:

I've been really busy so I'm pretty slow to get this done. 

I consulted with a few friends and designers, and I decided to go with Free. In addition to the "gluten-free" and the "free spirit" aspect, there is the idea that alcohol makes you uninhibited and free.

I'm going to make 3 designs before narrowing down, here's the first: 

Beer Packaging - image 6 - student project

April 21:

I elaborated a bit on the bridge idea. I'm having a hard time conveying the essence of the varieties like love, spirit, speech, etc.

Beer Packaging - image 7 - student project

April 22:

Some more thoughts

Beer Packaging - image 8 - student project

April 24:

Beer Packaging - image 9 - student project

Do you have any suggestions for alternate fonts or colors?

I'm not sure it looks groovy/hippie enough yet, but I'm not sure what to add

April 26:

I didn't really like the way the curved letters ended up looking when I implemented them, so I stuck with a design like the ones above. I added a photoshop texture because I'd want these to be printed on some kind of textured thicker paper (which I realize is a bit weird for a bottle label so I went for the texture instead). You can only see it if you zoom..

The bottle caps are a touch unfinished and I never got around to a carrying case, but I'll hopefully finish this up when I'm less busy.

Beer Packaging - image 10 - student project

Beer Packaging - image 11 - student project

Beer Packaging - image 12 - student project

Beer Packaging - image 13 - student project

Beer Packaging - image 14 - student project

A year later, I've gone back and updated these bottle labels:

Beer Packaging - image 15 - student projectBeer Packaging - image 16 - student projectBeer Packaging - image 17 - student projectBeer Packaging - image 18 - student projectBeer Packaging - image 19 - student projectBeer Packaging - image 20 - student project

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