Beer Label

Beer Label - student project

Hi everyone! My name is Marcelo, i'm  a 32 years old from Leme, a small town inside São Paulo, Brazil. My english's not so good, so apologize me for that :)

I like to drink beers since my eighteen. Not a drunk, just socially, but I like to appreciate different styles, tastes and - why not - labels. We're having a increase in microbrewers here in Brazil. We can see more and more marks borning every day worldwide. Even bands are putting their names in limited editions. So, when I subscribed on this course with Jon Contino (who make an amazing work, I like them) I decided to make a beer label. I have some ideas to do a beer label mixed with rock n'roll.

I got a lot of images and made my mood. Will upload as soon I discover how to do it. lol 

I'm running late on this project cause I'm working on a design agency and also i'm a freelancer too, so my time is short these days.

Well, stop writing and let's go!

Beer Label - image 1 - student project

Hi everyone!

I've made some sketches to illustrate my first ideas. I'm little late in this class but I try to finish soon!

Beer Label - image 2 - student project

Trying do make some letters and symbols, letting the ideas flows.

Beer Label - image 3 - student project

More letters and a rough label at right.

Beer Label - image 4 - student project

Another details. I'll try to work with shadows in those sketches, give a little depth.