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Beer Label

Hi everyone! My name is Marcelo, i'm  a 32 years old from Leme, a small town inside São Paulo, Brazil. My english's not so good, so apologize me for that :)

I like to drink beers since my eighteen. Not a drunk, just socially, but I like to appreciate different styles, tastes and - why not - labels. We're having a increase in microbrewers here in Brazil. We can see more and more marks borning every day worldwide. Even bands are putting their names in limited editions. So, when I subscribed on this course with Jon Contino (who make an amazing work, I like them) I decided to make a beer label. I have some ideas to do a beer label mixed with rock n'roll.

I got a lot of images and made my mood. Will upload as soon I discover how to do it. lol 

I'm running late on this project cause I'm working on a design agency and also i'm a freelancer too, so my time is short these days.

Well, stop writing and let's go!

Hi everyone!

I've made some sketches to illustrate my first ideas. I'm little late in this class but I try to finish soon!

Trying do make some letters and symbols, letting the ideas flows.

More letters and a rough label at right.

Another details. I'll try to work with shadows in those sketches, give a little depth.


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