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Beer Advocate's Top 250


While I do like the idea of working within the paramater of a physical newspaper section I think I have found a data set that will provide several good opportunities for visualizations: 

The top 250 beers according the popular craft beer rating site Beer Advocate. I realize this is a pretty obvious choice and there may be some nice visualizations that already exisit on this topic but I think it may be a digestable data set for me to start with.


  1. Where is the best beer being made? Who/where are the top rated brewies?
  2. What types of beer are most popular? 


Pulling data from the list and googling the location of the breweries i complied: 

  1. spreadsheet
  2. organzied data (via

The callouts that I'm thinking of visualizing via maps, charts, lists, etc. (on a single page) are: 

  1. A (main) map that highlights popularity by state
  2. popularity of beer types (31 total)
  3. top 10 brewies that were repeated on the list
  4. rural, urban, suburban pie chart
  5. top ten beers (also on main map?)
  6. California has the most beers on the list by a pretty large margin. What would a a "beer road trip" look like to visit all of the breweries (18)
  7. ABV high, low and average (boring/relevant?)


can be seen here


for reading and please let me know if you have any ideas/comments  as I work this into Illustrator + InDesign. 


Here is the first pass. Not sure I like the colors but this will do for now. Please let me know what you think and what could be done to make improvements. A larger file can be viewed here




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