Been inspired by @jayscale .

I've always loved cityscape,architectures and street photography.But to be honest,I've always been too lazy to edit the photos or maybe just didn't know how to do it.But I knew that the best software for editing photos is Lightroom.So I was looking for some editing classes on Skillshare and I see a dude with a baseball cap editing on an macbook on the tumbnail and I thoght "hum,that's my kind of guy".Turns out it was Jamal Burger.A photographer that I follow on Instagram for ages and aways been inspired by his captures.That was the best timing and best class I could find for exactly what I wanted to do.So thanks for sharing your photo and editing skills and keep inspiring dudes all over!Peace!

And btw,my name is Kenji (@kenjimuto on Instagram),27 years old,brazilian and living in Nagoya,Japan.
All the photos below was taking with a Canon 7d and edited on Lightroom after Jamal's class.








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