Bee Kind

Bee Kind - student project

I have done some free hand on a grid and some tracing of prexisting fonts. This is a combination of the two. Eventually I plan to add a bee, but I would like it to have more florishes or be a bit more ornate. Bee Kind - image 1 - student project

So this is alot harder than I thought. Below are the fist four tries. Sorry about the color it looked different in illustrator. Bee Kind - image 2 - student project

How do I round out the ends of letters when using the width tool? So the inside of the B looks like this:Bee Kind - image 3 - student project

Not this:Bee Kind - image 4 - student project

Inside the B is better. My concern is now I feel like I'm not putting the emphasis on the right part of the letter. I have to go back and look at some examples. 

Bee Kind - image 5 - student project

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