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Kim Steinhilber

Graphic Designer



Bedside Things

I chose to create a pattern with a few of my favorite items - many of which sit on my bedside table. Choosing things with meaning was important to me. The mix includes a vintage bracelet that belonged to my grandma, a jewelry dish that my mom gave to me, and my favorite quartz crystal.

I started by drawing out all of the items from a birdseye view in very light pencil and then went over the drawing using a Micron pen. From there I took a more digital approach and scanned in the image as is:


I continued to "chop" up the image the way you would by hand using photoshop to create the same tiled effect:


Next, I printed out that image on 8.5 x 11 paper and drew in the extra pen to fill in the middle white space:


I then scanned the image in once again in order to add the pen to the original pattern swatch. Then I stitched the pattern together digitally & :TADA emoji: my pattern is complete!


I'm very happy with the outcome & am blown away with the process. Seriously, what a great class. Patterns are something that I've been very interested in for a while now, and it's awesome to finally be able to create my own fairly easily. It was great to take a step back, practice my drawing skills, and really be able to create a piece that truly is one of a kind. I'd like to continue this project to add color to the design. Think these would be really awesome to frame and display as a triptych once colored. 


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