Bedroom design / industrial design

Bedroom design / industrial design - student project

Really liked the class and wanted to apply it right away! 

My uncle asked me to draw a bedroom idea he had for a friend, a little girl with a little room (here in the Netherlands the bedrooms can be very tiny, mine is 2x3 meters),  this is the first of three, but i was so excited that i really wanted to share it already, i am amazed how much better my drawing looked after apliyng the rules i learned in this class.

I normally don't use my markers, so this was really one of the first times to ever use them with good purpose :P

It's far from perfect, put if you can see how i started... 

Bedroom design / industrial design - image 1 - student project

And what the result was after redrawing it and using the markers 

Bedroom design / industrial design - image 2 - student project

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! (thats good for my-being) 

Probably farrrrr from perfect but hey, there's a first for everything :D

Loved the class and so happy to came in contact with Skillshare 

Thank you so much for the advice and the class! :D 

Greetings from Holland! 



Back again with part 2!       

Took me a while to come here and place the other room designs i created for my uncle. But here they are, it was quite chalanging but i am pretty happy with the end result, only things that happend was in one of the drawings, my sharpie wasn't dry yet :') so its smooched (or whatever you want to call it) 

The first one, i made a "flip over" (in the wong colour, please don't judge :P i don't use my markers so i grabbed the wrong one) 

Bedroom design / industrial design - image 3 - student project

So here you can see what the desk looks like when the bed is tucked away.

Here s the second design

Bedroom design / industrial design - image 4 - student project

I didn't think it was nesicary to draw extra spaces, so instead i drew one of the cabinets with an open door, you get the idea right ? :P 

And the last design was this one, (and a real pain in the but haha)

Bedroom design / industrial design - image 5 - student project

and this one also with a "flip over"

Bedroom design / industrial design - image 6 - student project

terrible sorry for the bad lighting of the pictures they were al taken in the evening, forgot to take good pictures before they went out to my uncle.

He showed it to his friend, she was speechless! 

So i think that is a great compliment to my work i did with the help of this class.

I enjoyed it and i wil continue working on my industrial design techniques! :D