Bedroom Trigger Spot

Bedroom Trigger Spot - student project

When designing our bedroom, I didn't originally give myself to hang sweaters or jackets at the end of the day, and they always ended up thrown on top of the chair in my room (shown in picture). This always ended the week by being a mountain of clothes that didn't belong there, but it became something I got used to doing.  Having clothes draped over the chair drove me nuts! (I don't have a before picture as this is something I had done before this class - but just imagine the jacket and sweater that are hanging, simply thrown on the chair, on top of the blanket).

Bedroom Trigger Spot - image 1 - student project

I found some small inexpensive hooks that I was able to hang on the wall, and now have a spot to hang my jackets or sweaters, and it keeps the chair empty of clothing mountains.  With having a designated space for it to go; I no longer pile clothes there and the trigger of stress is gone!