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Bedroom Music Production & Songwriting

We're going to discover a multitude of methods for creating music in your own bedroom. From idea generation to final execution. I'll share my techniques for writing music within your DAW of choice (I'll be using Logic Pro X) to finally polishing of a clear, loud, commercial mix.

Whether you play guitar, piano, drums, sing, or just want to create something original; we'll make sure you gain something from this program. 

Things you'll need:

  • A computer/laptop/tablet with high memory
  • A Digital Audio Workstation - (I'll be using Logic Pro X)
  • An Audio Output. If you're going to work on headphones, perfect! If you plan to set up a home studio please refer here; 
  • Either a midi controller or a DAW that has "Musical Typing" which allows your computer's keyboard to send midi information (A midi controller is preferred -
  • An idea swirling around or the time to find one! 


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