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Bedouin Scorpion, Victoriants, Nouveau Mantis

131209 - Been a bit busy hope to get back to this soon.

Step 4c - Finilizing Sketches

131124 - Finally got the Nouveau Mantis side outline going on...

Step 4b - Finilizing Sketches

131117 - Just doing more outlines/colors. Also playing with color a bit and finding some Pantones that I am happy with. Still need to do more views and the Nouveau Mantis. I think the Bedouin Scorpion might be too crazy colors, but I like it a bit. Maybe I will tone it down a notch. The Victoriants suffer from the opposite problem, they need a bit more something. I kind of like the look of the Victorian ants coloring versus the Bedouin Scorpion. Though I guess, the scorpion should look a little more threatening and the ants a bit more refined and dusty. A little late in the night so I think its time for bed. But more when more happens when it happens.


Step 4a - Finalizing Sketches

131111 - I started doing the outlines for the (new name) Bedouin Scorpion and because I did want to continue this insect theme going. I did try some more (new name) Victoriants. They are not exactly how they were before, they have taken a bit more of a insect vibe instead of a human stance. Which now puts them in the realm of my creations and a potential for a story. Though now the Nouveau Mantis has less accessories and is now more of a creative endeavour than part of the family. So it will come last in the outline process/angle process of the character creations for times sake. Meh... Lets see how it goes. Either way, I present ya'll with what I have.

Step 3 - Last of the Rough Sketches

131102 - So I made two last rough sketches, just looking at the Nouveau Mantis again, and taking a stab at some Victorian Era peoples based on some feedback I recieved.

I have decided for the next phase I will continue to iterate the Knight Crawler and the Mantis. With the Victorian peoples on the back burner. If I can bug-ify them, then I will iterate on them. Or any of the other things I have... might be nice to have three. Though I will mainly be focusing on the two bug creatures I have going on right now. 

Things during the iteration phase, I will be thinking about customization features, add ons, finalization of shapes, contours, colors, maybe a story, etc. Maybe a better project name and picture too... Though it might be more helpful if I stay consistant. What do you think?

Shout outs to those who I have been communicating with, I have been enjoying our conversations. I hope to also par-take in commenting more on other peoples projects. I think that the peer system is great, especially when everyone participates. I hope the feedback I have been giving thus far has been helpful. 

Step 3 - Rough Sketches (cont...)

131029 - More sketches that I wanted to try out from the other ideas that I didn't get to put down on paper. I will also try to think maybe a little bit more about their stories or personalities to try to see if that adds anything to the mix. Appreciate the feed back I have been recieving so far.

Step 3 - Rough Sketches (cont...)

131028 - Here are some more sketches, still lookin to make more of Chrome Cat, The Arabian Knight Crawler, and Nouveau Mantis. Made a sketch of Bug out Brancusi, added some new Catapillar thing... and another variant of Arabian Knight Crawler. I wish could batch upload images! Not like I have a bunch, but still... Like why does Tumblr only let you upload 10 images at a time as well? Yea unrelated to toys I know, but frustrating none-the-less. Will keep you posted. Like, comment and share if you see something you find interesting! More to come next weekend!


Step 3 - Rough Sketches

Here are some rough sketches and a quick Photoshop collage/sketch. I found myself wanting a chrome Ghostbusters Proton Pack, Bugs and other stuff. I didn't think that would make for interesting content, but would really love to go down that path at some point. Maybe I will draw some more images or make some more quick collages of the objects I want chromed out in Photoshop or something. Either way here are my sketches for now, I might make some more, I might go to the iteration phase next. Need to think about it a bit. I have also given the sketches working titles.

  • 'Arabian Knight Crawler'

  • 'Chrome Cat', 'Gold Cat' and 'Cat with a Hat (Because Cat in a Hat is already taken)' 

  • 'Nouveau Mantis'

  • 'Bug Out Brancusi', 'Brancusi Screen of Death', 'Pinwheel of Brancusi'



Step 2 - Mood Board Image Pairing

I tried adding some people to this pairing routine because it was lacking in my mood boards. I have been very fortunate enough to have done some travelling. I have made great friendships with different peoples. On a superficial level, I have also appreciated the unique characters I may have crossed paths with. I am thinking that pairing some of previous insect photos with these people will help create some characters. I also wanted to explore some materials, and I have been noticing a fair amount of metallic and chromed objects recently hitting the art and design scene, so I tried to include some of those too. The gaudiness is enticing and I have always liked tongue-in-cheek commentaries/humor. These ideas might be moving me away from my original goal of encorporating elements of educational/special needs toys, but the thought is something that stays with me. I hope that some of the textures from these images can be translated into vinyl or potentially materials that get added to the vinyl toy as a base. Tactile learning is great for fine and gross motor skills. If the character is customizable then the child could also find a special bond with it that would make role-play learning also possible. 


  • Unknown Bug 2 & Bedouin Badass


  • Philippe Pasqua, Chrome T-Rex, 2013 & Lazy Man and Lazy Cat



  • Alphons Mucha F. Champenois Imprimeur-Éditeur, lithograph, 1897 & BSOD







  • Unknown Bug 2 & Textured Chrome Hip Replacement



  • Metrostation at a Chatelet Stop & Praying Mantis






Step 1 - Mood Board

  • Caterpillar outside the office

  • Unknown bug 1 outside of the office

  • Unknown bug 2 outside office

  • Praying mantis in the backyard

  • Street dog I call Gatsby

  • Alphons Mucha F. Champenois Imprimeur-Éditeur, lithograph, 1897

  • Metrostation at a Chatelet Stop




Excited to be here in this self-paced classroom environment. Definitely the future of night classes, continuing ed, and education in general. I would like to explore creating an object that has the potential for being used within an educational and or special needs setting. I also hope to take advantage of the unique and molding capabilities of vinyl to create an item that plays with different surface textures. Things tend to evolve, so I suppose this can all change.  Definitely going to be a fun and great way to express myself via these interesting mediums. 


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