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Bed Stuy Round Robin


Things, people and places are changing so quickly in my neighborhood. Right now, an old timers bar has been renovated and is reopening as a much fancier place, so I started looking into this building to see if there was something about its past history that would be a starting point for this map. I also am more interested in telling a story that is from 1940s to about the 1980s as it's a time frame that isn't as easily researched. Also, this time frame is when the neighborhood changes from wealthy white merchants to African American which it has remained since then.

What I found was a neighborhood event sponsored by an African American newspaper that they called the Brooklyn Round Robin. There were nine member bars that would host an event every Wednesday with a guest of honor that would be the entertainment like Billie Holiday and Ruth Brown.

What I hope to do with this map is to create something that remembers this time. It should feel "jazzy" with information about the Round Robin event as well as the locations it was held at. 


Rough Map

I'm working to integrate the places, logos, and more information about them.

Final Map

In the end, I decided to remove the copy from the image and to create a blog post since it seemed to cluttered to add text to the art. I also modified the advertisments on the bottom of the illustration to include information about the building or what's there today in its place.

See it on my website


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