Jenn McCart

Family Readiness Officer for the USMC



Becoming the ME I feel like inside!


I am a 32 year old woman that has gone from a happy, confident and sexy woman to an overweight cranky stranger that I don't recognize anymore.  The picture above is what I looked like a few years ago (in fact it was taken Dec of 2009) and here is what I look like now.

I know that I am not ugly but I feel ugly and I feel unhealthy both mentally and physically.  For me though it all comes down to a lack of motivation.  When given the choice between excercise and anything else, I will always choose the anything else.  I WANT THAT TO CHANGE!  My husband is active duty military and I work for the Marine Corps so I have access to the best physical fitness services and equipment available yet I don't use them.

There is another aspect to this as well.  My husband and I are reproductively challenged and have to go through IVF treatments to get pregnant.  We are shooting for the April timeframe to start our first round and at the moment I am too overweight to start the program.  I WANT THAT TO CHANGE!

I also know that my eating habits, stress level and lack of excercise is making me into a Mrs. Cranky pants all the time.  My husband is amazing but I am afraid that this will take a toll on my marriage after too long.  I WANT THAT TO CHANGE!



Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 157lbs

Hours Excercised this week: 0


Weight: 130

Hours Excercised per week: 4-5 (min)

*I want to get in the habit of doing at least one hour of excercise at least four days per week.

I am going to use Fitocracy as a journal for my progress and I will post progression photos, mostly of my face because that is where I really see the changes in me.  Here's to letting the happy, healthy and fit Jenn back out and into the world!


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