Becoming more aware of my time

Becoming more aware of my time - student project

Lettie's class helped me to become more aware of my time, and to be more accurate.. how I 'waste' my time sometimes. 

Being a mom of two kids, having an almost full-time career, household and partner who needs some love every now and then costs me a lot of my time. I'm happy to do this since; 

- We need the money

- The kids will remember us and the time we spent together

- I love my family

But lately I'm trying to switch careers to a more creative one. Of course this asks extra time and energy and doing this made me wonder if now is a good time for this and I think I'm too ambitious. Being a good mom and wife obviously is my priority at the moment so only my extra time is filled with doing me-time. I don't want to rush things and I'm glad with how I do this but being able to see my time in this pie-chart helps me to relax a bit more instead of having unrealistic goals and being upset I don't meet these goals, so thank you! 

Becoming more aware of my time - image 1 - student project

These are the time elements I can't change so much at the moment and the white here is arrangeable. 

I do want to spend my me-time doing creative work but most of the time I fill this with browsing Facebook, Instagram or watching Netflix, haha. In time I will pick this up more, for now I decided to first finish a big creative project I'm working on: A children's book, and then later I can continue my other creative projects. 

Becoming more aware of my time - image 2 - student project


All in all I came to this pie-chart but it's very hard to pin-point what you're doing when, especially when you're combining family-time with dinnertime, work with familytime, and sleeping is a bit familytime as well because I get woken up every night a couple of times, haha. 


Thank you Lettie for trying to help us get a better grip on our time.