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Becoming an organized creative.

First off, just to let you know how things usually flow for me, I completed this initial project detail once, and accidently did a "drag & drop" of my quiz results, and lost EVERYTHING!!!!! So here I am starting over. Yay!

Ok, so a little about me. I am an artist, I always have been. Ever since the first day in kindergarten that I mixed red & white paint, and got pink, I was hooked. So, I did what I thought was the most obvious thing for me to do, I went to college, and recieved a BFA in painting & drawing. I wanted to go on to get my masters and teach art at the university, but having been informed of the politics that saturate the arts at that level, I just didn't have it in me to go forward. After much thought, and a two year break after graduating, I went back to school for Web Design & Development, receiving my A.S degree in that field. I wanted to have a job that I could pay off student loans, live comfortably, but still continue to do what I was really passionate about. That was the arts. 

Last year, I finally took the plunge, and created a website for my art. It was a LONG time coming. You can take a little sneak peak here: I'd love to updated this site more, and in all honesty, tend to keep my instagram and twitter accounts more up to date, then my actual website, and this is no good. 

Here is where this program comes into play. I've been wanting to create prints of some of my pieces to sell on my site. I've had this intention for MONTHS! No kidding. Since last fall I believe. I haven't had my work shot, and haven't started the process of getting my work up on my site since that initial "goal". I really don't have an excuse, other than being a very distracted person. My husband is a photographer for goodness sakes!!! I spend so much time reading other artists blogs, following their progress of works on various social media platforms, and end up not working very much on my own goals & projects. This is definetly NO BUENO.

So, my next steps ( once I get home from work, I know, I know, tsk, tsk ), is downloading an organizational app on my iMac, cleaning out my website email (I'm subscribed to email lists that have no relevance to my work/website that I clearly do not need in there ), and making it my goal to have prints up on my site my the beginning of August. 

That being said, I hope this course will help me achieve that goal, not be such a scatter brain, and finally do what is in my heart to do. Be an artist, sharing my work with others, and using my time effectively.

BTW, here are the results from my quiz: ( Lovely, right?)

I look forward to working on being a more organized creative, and thank you for sharing in this journey with me. And for reading all of this. Seriously. Thank you :)

~ Vicki Liu


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