Becoming a boss LIKE A BOSS!

The last two years I have been dedicated to one project. Initially it was my thesis at university and now It’s an startup that I am building with a friend. The last year we have been working as freelance and making the business plan to get some funds for the company.  

All this time I have felt that I am productive but not as I really want. I always made to do lists, but those ones were so inaccurate. For example, I complete one step of a bigger project and go to my list and there were nothing to mark as complete because I haven’t finished the project yet. By otherside, sometimes I used to forget the simplest tasks that were not so important, and doing them only when it became urgent. This kind of problems are evident on my diagnostic quiz:

Maybe it wasn’t so bad at all, but definitely it should be better.

In the beginning, I collect almost 30 open loops that I order later into a few projects and areas. This part of the class was very helpful to me, I start making to do lists that were really TO DO lists, not ideas or projects that take me a lot of time to complete.

Here is my todoist system:


I don’t like tags, so I organize the tasks into two areas, my work tasks that includes projects related to my company, the crowdfunding stuff and the freelance ones. Personal Area include the books I want to read, the movies and series that I want to see and the tasks related to my health or any other personal things that I need to do.

This way to organize my tasks has been so effective since I started this class three weeks ago. Not just being productive on my work, I also found time to finally watch True Detective! By the way it’s one the best tv series I have ever seen.

Here is my evernote system:


Before using Evernote to GTD, I used it to make the “to do” lists, but after this class I am amazed of how useful is this tool, I has become my most used app on my phone, my tablet and my computer.

The picture-scaning system is awesome and having all reference documents on the evernote cloud allows you to access the information wherever you are.

Finally I have to say that three weeks after I started the class, it has helped me a lot to organize my time and to focus on the important things. Before this I just do my work, now I do my work with efficiency and this workflow is becoming a sustainable practice.


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