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Becoming a Doer

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In the past, I have tried to get organized for real: make up schedules, to do lists, calendars, apps, tons of reminders, but still, It didn't work out.

The reason I NEED to be organized is because when I'm not I feel out of control, stressed, anxious and dissapointed of myself, which of course, can't lead to anything good.

I realized a few months ago that what function for me is to have a set of rules to follow AND a support system of people also following said rules. I found out about this because I started to use YNAB to manage my budget and finance and it has been working great. 

Right now, my finances are in the process of being finally in order: no more debt, savings, traveling without worries, etc.

So I decided to look for something similar for the other areas of my life, and I got enrolled in this course.

These are the results of the GTD quiz:

Kind of alarming, I know...

So, I started yesterday and I'm almost finished with the videos. I have all my containers set up, except for the physical one that I'm planning to buy later today. Every open loop is tagged, reviewed and organized, and I even manage to complete some tasks today!

Here you can see my Things set up:

I decided to have plenty of tags to better organize & filter activities. It may be too much for some people, but for me works just fine.

These are my stickies all set up:

I decided make my own checklists taking the ones in the resource doc as a guideline, but adding some stuff that's important for me, like updating YNAB. Also, I used color coding for each one, the yellow is too bright for me.

I'm really excited about this and I can wait to see the firsts results in my everyday life. I'll keep posting any accomplishments, set backs, and more. 



Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So, it's been a week since I started with GTD and I already had my first weekly review. Since last week, it have been easier to make the daily review, I found myself doing some of the steps automatically. My first weekly review was kinda messy, but help me notice some things I can improve.

My main problem was that I had been updating my YNAB software I use for finance control once a week, but as I realized in the weekly review, this isn't working because:

- The tiny tasks of updating YNAB accumulate and ends up being a huge, messy task.

- As I wasn't updating daily, I couldn't have real control over my finances and as a result this month I spend almost $1000 DLLS on things I wasn't prepared for, setting my financial goals WAAAY back.

Because of it, I've decided to update YNAB on the go, using the iphone app, and to use the weekly review as an opportunity to check how my short-term financial goals are doing and to be able to make changes if necessary. The same applies for the monthly review, only for mid-term goals.

Another thing I've found out is that I feel more in control and less anxious, and I've already done things around the house that I've been postponed for months.

One of the things that make me really anxious was that I've been potsponing a personal blog project. I always had excuses like "I'm not inspired enough", "I can't design a theme right now", "I don't know which color/font to use". Every time I thought about it I felt really guilty and dissapointed of myself.

But this weekend, I finally finish the theme, set up categories, set up social networks profiles and a bunch of other stuff.

Here you can see the theme and some test posts:

Now I have a whole new set of tasks to do, like plan content, contact other bloggers, etc. but I don't feel guilty about them, instead I'm really excited about doing them.

It is a good feeling to see the Next List grow smaller, and the Log List grow bigger and bigger.

I'll update soon :)


Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Hello again! So my blog has been online since this monday and I just feel so good about it! I finally did it! Of course I know this is just the beggining but feels so great to be able to actually DO things and just not say I'll do them. I have been using GTD for 4 weeks now and I can see the results. My blog is out, I have a financial plan in order to pay my debts, and I feel overall less anxious and stressed. :)


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