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Becoming a Camera Artist - Abstract Style


Please refer to my project introduction video to meet me and get inspired to join in on the fun.

OOPS ALL MY 7 EMBEDDED VIDEOS HAVE DISAPPEARED FROM HERE and will not re-embed due to a site malfunction  -BUT ARE VIEWABLE ON YOUTUBE -eg  Introduction


View my Lesson 1 video which begins by showing my own abstract photography examples in the categories of geometric, expressionist and lyrical.

To illustrate the class project I show examples in the theme of Abstract Sky.


Then at the end of the video I list the full list of Project themes and the requirements for students.

Lesson 2 Abstract Nature


Lesson 3 -Abstract Water


Lesson 4 - Abstract Light


Lesson 5 : Constructed abstract


Lesson 6:  Filtering Materials


further information:

This project involves the artistry of abstract photography. Using simple camera techniques, basic editing tools and the option of using everyday materials as filters, students can learn to see the world in very different ways. 

Abstraction involves reducing the familiar qualities of objects or what we see around us, in order to focus instead -or de-focus - on aspects such as light, texture, color, movement. 

Abstract art is familiar to many through painting and in a similar way a photograph can be composed to look like an expressionist painting or like a geometric abstraction.

Examples of my work shown here illustrate 3 of the 6 themes explored in my classes for students:  the photo at the top uses filtering material, those below show a constructed abstract in an interior environment with camera technique & filtered lighting;  the last one is a water abstract.

Though initially conceived as a 5 theme, 15 photo project, with submissions done in batches of 3 images, a flexible target of minimum one photo, maximum 3 photos per theme is definitely a workable idea which could appeal to some students, potentially reducing the workload down to 5 photos to meet minimum requirements.

please refer to my tumblr blog for more material related to abstract art & photography - including my own work and reblogged examples




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