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Becoming Vegan? Easy Tips To Make It Happen

Around the end of March 2014, I dropped a bombshell on my girlfriend. “I’m going to try being vegan…”

Ok, so for her it was pretty out of the blue, unexpected, no lead up or warning but for me it had been a long time coming.

Please understand, I am not going to preach about the benefits of becoming vegan, or spouting regurgitated information about the affect you can have on your body and the planet. In fact the “vegan preachers” put me off it for quite a long time. Plus if you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for a fresh perspective in order to make an informed decision. So instead, here is my journey:

Ever since I became interested in fitness at the age of 14 I’ve been looking into nutrition. Now this doesn’t mean I ate healthily, I ate mostly rubbish just like any other teenager. There were only around five or six vegetables I could name that I liked. That being said, I loved fruit!

As time moved on and I hit my late teens I started to change my eating habits and noted the effect it had on how I felt. Some changes made me feel good, some made me feel bad. I also started to notice I could control illness through changes in my eating. By the time I was 18 years old I had read a lot on nutrition, diets and eating habits, I’d experimented with many different ways of eating, I was studying nutrition as part of my college course and I had devised a nutrition plan for myself. It was based around four food groups; Meat, Fruit & Veg, Dairy and Breads & Cereals, and it kept everything simple by focusing on portions eaten throughout the day. I was proud of it. I showed my nutrition teacher at college and I was amazed at how she reacted,

“This is unhealthy, your are not eating enough through this, you will become tired and get sick if you carry on eating according to this plan.”

Well, I continued and I did, unintentionally, lose a significant amount of weight, but I didn’t feel tired and I didnt get sick. And even though the weightloss was significant to begin with, it plateaued after a while at a healthy level.

Well as time went on I continued to stick to that plan, slowly tweaking it, making it more complicated, stricter, different portions at different times of the day. I also looked into nutritional beliefs from different parts of the world.

Everything was going great until about 2013. I noticed that I was getting quite…erm…gassy. I needed the toilet more regularly and it was getting embarrassing. So once again I looked to changes I could make in my eating habits. Unfortunately, things just got worse. My stomach became almost constantly painful and I was getting pretty worried. I had started reading about veganism and had considered giving it a go, but wasn’t too sure. It sounded hard, the vegans I saw looked too thin and as a parkour practitioner and coach I needed to be healthy.

After around 6-9 months of consistent discomfort I decided to reduce my dairy in take, things started to ease up but didn’t completely go away. So, I thought maybe now is the time to try a vegan diet. And that’s when I dropped the bombshell. With a freezer full of chicken and mince, I told my girlfriend that I wouldn’t be eating animal products anymore. She wasn’t best pleased, having done the shopping the night before.

However, I'm glad I did. I am now healthier than I have ever been and I'm fitter too. My training in Parkour is more efficient than before and my coaching has improved with it, in fact I've become more successful as a coach since I made the change. And my girlfriend... well she is also vegan now, and loving it!


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