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Becoming Utterly Awesome

Here are my answers to the first three questions:

What is your habit personality?

Well, it seems I have an extremely strong tendency towards being a questioner as well as a strong tendency towards being an obliger.

Why did you sign up for this class?

There are two main reasons. First, I have a large array of extremely unproductive habits (obsessive listening to music for instance) that keep me from achieving the enormous success that I still feel I am capable of, and I hope this class will enable me to better understand why I have these bad habbits. Second, I want to learn how to sustainably introduce the good habits which I have already conceived for quite some time but that still elude my daily routine. 

What has been your most consistend good habit in the past?

As a lover of the English language and - unfortunately - a non-native speaker of English, what makes me most proud is that I have been thinking in English for at least 30 minutes a day for the last six or seven years. 


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