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Becoming Stronger and More Confident in You: Step 1 – Learning from Past Performances

Welcome everyone! 

I created this class because I love to help people become the Best Version of themselves. I love helping people get focused and centered and achieve at the highest levels possible for them.

So this class is ideal for Motivated Individuals who want to achieve at a higher level in a particular area (e.g., sports, public speaking, better a more patient mom), but who recognize, either, that they're stuck or that things aren't quite clicking like they know they can. This class is for motivated individuals who want to get into that FLOW state or their “ZONE” more often than they are currently.

Through my video lessons and your personal reflection, you will acquire all the answers that you need to complete your Class Project which will involve you creating a one page BE YOUR BEST YOU Performance Sheet. You'll decide whether you want to make your project simple and straightforward (I provide a one page template for that option) or if you want be to very creative or somewhere in between. The choice is yours... no stress... no pressure.  See the CLASS PROJECT INFO. section below.

However, I strongly suggest that you WRITE DOWN (or store electronically) the many thoughts and images that are triggered during this class. Those thoughts and images that are triggered, during waking and sleeping hours, could be KEY ELEMENTS that will help you move forward more quickly towards your destiny. Remember, you can always pause the videos. Do not take lightly or dismiss those ideas or even word fragments that pop into your head. Jot them down. Those nuggets could turn into gold one day!

I define my area of expertise as Personal and Performance Excellence, and I have been blessed to work with individuals (and groups) in many different fields and occupations over the years (e.g., sports, business, ministry, law, music, family life). I also hold four degrees including two master's degrees and a Ph.D., and I am involved in writing, coaching, consulting, counseling, teaching, and speaking.

But enough intro., let's dive into the course shall we!

Dr. Terrence



Hey Skillshare Family!

Below is a link to the BE YOUR BEST YOU Performance Sheet which you can use as a

template for your CLASS PROJECT.

The purpose of our CLASS PROJECT is for you to create a one-page "BE YOUR

BEST YOU" Performance Sheet that most importantly lists 1). TOP PERFORMANCE

CUES and 2). KEY AREAS TO MINIMIZE (as well as a bonus).

     1). TOP PERFORMANCE CUES are cues that you will identify through this class

and through your personal reflection. These TOP PERFORMANCE CUES will help

you stay positive, motivated, and focused on the ideas and plans most essential to

you BEING YOUR BEST YOU as an athlete, entrepreneur, mother, or in whatever area

that you choose to make positive change in.

     2). KEY THINGS TO MINIMIZE are areas that you will come to identify through this

class as time and/or energy wasters that are preventing your from realizing your true


     3). BONUS. I also list a "5 Star Commitment to Excellence" on the BE YOUR BEST

YOU Performance Sheet that I ask my personal clients to embrace to help them acquire

and/or maintain the proper MINDSET for long-term success. You can keep that section

if it also inspires you and fits your philosophy of life, or you can replace it with something

equally meaningful and helpful for you. The choice is yours.


For this CLASS PROJECT (and for your convenience), you can choose to simply edit

the BE YOUR BEST YOU Performance Sheet and tailor it to the area that you choose to

make a positive change in for this class, and then simply submit as your Class Project.

However, with this template, I really just wanted to give you an idea of what you can do

for our CLASS PROJECT while also making it easy for those of you who may be pressed

for time.

Ideally, I would really like to see some of you Experiment and Get Creative to produce a

unique, one page BE YOUR BEST YOU Performance Sheet that resonates with you

personally and that keeps you FOCUSED ON BEING YOUR BEST YOU!

EDITING the BE YOUR BEST YOU Performance Sheet

Although you will find a pdf file below, I have created the BE YOUR BEST YOU

Performance Sheet for the actual class as a Google Doc so that you can Make a Copy

of it and then edit the key sections, "TOP PERFORMANCE CUES" and

"THINGS TO MINIMIZE" to Customize those sections to whichever area of your life

you choose to make a positive change in. You will need to create a Google or Gmail

account in order to access the document. If you don't yet have one, I recommend that

you strongly consider obtaining one as there are lots of useful tools available through

Google Forms, etc.

Here's the link to your BE YOUR BEST YOU Performance Sheet:



Here's a laptop SNAPSHOT that I took of the BE YOUR BEST YOU

Performance Sheet from my phone for any of you who might want a quick peak

and/or don't have a Google or Gmail account.  Please excuse the low quality.

Feedback is welcome. Thx!



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