Becoming Famous

Becoming Famous - student project

This sounds corny, I know. But I was about thirteen years old when I said this xD We can all dream as a child right?

In all fairness though, as a kid I believed that if you're famous, you'll have success doing whatever you want and everything will be magical and work out.  What I wanted (and still want) is to live my life making art. So I posted and posted art. Maybe that's true, who knows xD Anyways, I waited and watched and drew and nothing happened. I was sad that I wasn't being recognized for my art and stopped posting for a while.  It seemed like I wasn't going to be famous.

Now I look back on that and chuckle. Ah I was young. So young and ignorant of how the world works. Now I know better, but I've still got a ways to go. I realized that while it must be great to be famous (I still imagine that everything must glorious once you're famous but who knows, maybe I've still got a bit of my child self in me), the goal isn't to be famous. The goal is to enjoy my life making art. Now, I love making art and that's great, but I still would like to make a living off of it. That means I need people to pay me, or aka enjoy my art and want to support me so I can continue to do what I love. So I have stretched myself and learned so much about why art is valued by myself and by other people and have found out exactly what I want to do. I want to use art to showcase stories and messages to inspire others. I believe that will make my art valuable to others, myself, and make it so I enjoy making art.

Now, all that is left is to keep doing what I love and somehow I'll find the way to make my dream become a reality. I now do make manga. It's called A Heart of Diamond. I have 26 pages made and as of now make one page a week, though I hope to make two a week soon. I'm still working on making narrative illustrations regularly and making a living, but I'm very happy I've started doing something to make the dream a reality.

I just hope I can be patient enough.

Rachel Cheek

Digital Painting Enthusiast and Bug Whisperer