Becoming Britain's Sexiest, Happiest, and most Influential Clinical Neuropsychologist!

About moi: 

I'm a psychology student in my third year of uni; I intend to do a masters, PhD and become a clinical neuropsychologist working for the NHS and private sector.
I joined fitocracy on reccomendation of a friend. During the summer holidays I joined a gym and was trying to increase my overall fitness so that I could be better at fencing. We got talking about exercise at home and I ended up doing a pretty good exercise regime in my bedroom. Then I got evicted, moved house, and sort of forgot about it. During term time I fence at my university so I figured I didn't need to exercise at home, but various things (relationship breakdowns, dislocating my hip, losing my passion for fencing and etc) meant that I wasn't actually training as much as I thought and I gained a few pounds. 

I've now completely quit fencing and have to make up the slack at home. So my goals and the ways that I'll achieve them are:

I aim to weigh 8 stones which I will achieve by:

  •  8st 9lbs by February 3rd: through a combination of dieting (I've been on a diet plan for three weeks now and have lost 3lbs), yoga, and toning exercises.
  •  8 stones by March 14th: by continuing to follow my diet plan and exercise daily.
  • Sticking to this for the rest of my life so that my weight always reflects the body and healthy state I want to be in.

I want to be happier, and I'll do this by:

  • Spending more time talking to, and spending time with friends I trust and that will support me in my goals.
  • Paying more attention to doing things that will be good for my hair, nails, teeth, and skin, such as having a well-balanced diet, not abusing heat styling tools, visiting my dentist sometime soon, and buying pretty nail polish! 
  • Take up a hobby that I can do in my spare time like felting, or quilting.

I will never give up on wanting to be successful, and I'll make sure of this by:

  • Keeping up to date with my reading for lectures by doing it ahead of time and taking advantage of the spare time I have now.
  • Paying off my overdraft and saving money for a nicer place next year!
  • Sticking to all of these goals!

I'm going to be Britain's sexiest, happiest, and most influential clinical neuropsychologist; and aiming for that goal starts today!


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