Become who you are - Sebastiano Mattiazzi

Become who you are - Sebastiano Mattiazzi - student project

Intro - Dream/Background

"Become who you are." Nietzsche. and to become who we are we must be willing to change again and again, and be changed by life, by the people we meet, by the experiences we live.

Body - Problem

To become who I am I need freedom, we are free in the moment of choice, and to have the chance to make choices we need to have possibilities, options. I therefore tried during my life to preserve and work on my freedom as a human being. Freedom in every aspect of my life, this doesn't mean having no bonds or boundaries, it means to actively choose them.

Conclusion - Solution

Where more freedom than in art, I chose to follow my passion and become a musician and songwriter. Travelled the world, living in 3 different continents, meeting people, and get inspired, and choose, and meet people, and do things, and change, and laugh, and get inspired, and move, and choose, and suffer, and make new friends, and change, and meet old friends, and rest, and do more things, and change, and live...

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