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Founder & Chief Catalyst at Phinklife



Become the EPIC Hero In Your Life

Whether you're super passionate, or going through life struggling or just anywhere in between... life is never too short for more EPICness.

A cross between success and positive psychology, personal development, cognitive therapy, neuropsychology, life coaching, philosophy and design thinking brings forward a system to help you realize your potential to be the EPIC HERO in your life.

What is it?

Bullet points just don't do justice to explain what it is, let's give some examples:

You know that overwhelming feeling of 'good' at the end of your favorite movie?  Like in your favourite action film when the calvary enters the final scene with a backdrop of explosions to defeat the ultimate challenge in a climax of WHAM!  Or the passionate embrace of two lovers who have surpassed all circumstances to bring an overflow of tears to an audience in your most memorable and touching romantic movie.

Let me tell you, that EPICness is a skill.  That means you can learn it, grow it, apply it and master it.  AND mastery enables you to create those types of experiences in more moments in your life.

I'll tell you what this class is not:

  • It's not any therapy session, no questioning on childhood dramas or how you were raised
  • It's not a RAH-RAH session or any willpower booster
  • It's not a prescription on how and how not to live your life
  • It's not some YO-YO type fad or lifestyle diet

You'll be learning fun ways to improve all areas of your life, strengthen your abilities to gain insights into your own life and make awesome decisions, connect and profoundly understand the mechanics of creating your own reality.  I promise, it will be simple, fun and eye-opening.

What to Expect.

  • Taking the next steps to being more epic in life
  • An A-HA moment!
  • Realize that the secrets to EPICness have always been in plain sight
  • More Smiles, More Passion, More Awesomeness
  • .... long lasting results!


Case Study:

I created a workshop for students as more than 80% of students go through post-secondary education for the sake of doing it, and ultimately to "get a job".  The lack or mis-guided use of passion, purpose and drive has pinned GEN-Y as the "Lost Generation".  Students who have completed this workshop got an eureka moment in their lives and clarity to WHY the things they did lead to the results and experiences in their lives.

One student decided to take the brave jump to fulfill her passions as an interior designer and switch paths despite the family pressures that has locked her into doing something she hated.  One student connected with his strength of leadership to launch his own student club to share these principles.

Students got re-invigorated and are now are all working towards tapping into their potential and developing their passion for life.

Project Milestones:


The first week will be a week of discovery.  "You don't know what you don't know".  It'll be a fun packed week of honing into different areas and attitudes in your life and realizing how everything ties into eachother

  • Be provided material on EPICness with a guided group walkthrough
  • Benchmark yourself in all the different areas of EPICness and identify areas of improvement
  • Begin a Journey Journal


The second week will be a week of exploration.  Taking change in small steps to make improvements in your life.  Don't worry, you won't be doing it alone.

  • Get and BE Creative... find things that will inspire change
  • Community Commenting and Advice
  • Connect with Friends and Family
  • Google Cool Things to Do
  • Power of using Skillshare and Meetup

Milestone #3 PLAY FULL ON

The last week will be the week of pursuit.  Sometimes it might be taking that leap of faith.  It's okay, I promise that the EPICness will greet you full on.

  • Demonstrate Initiative and Take Action
  • Small Steps and Celebrations
  • There are NO Game overs, you have UNLIMITED LIVES


Hosting Office Hours to help you find out what's next if needed.  Obviously it'll also fit in Milestones 1,2&3.

"Life is a journey, not a destination".  With this framework, and continuous growth, you'll notice the great things you want come into your life.  You'll begin to feel the rise of the EPIC hero out of you.  The good news, there is an unlimited supply of EPIC, so feel free to play on!

About ME!

I'm a social entrepreneur and catalyst.  I spend my time designing and developing a human experience model that can enable anyone and everyone to live passionately and have the most fulfilling lives.  With that I help organizations solve very sticky "wicked" and systematic social problems.

A Computer Engineer by training, I'm a social technology solutions architect looking at the power of peer-to-peer networks and platforms to harness human potential.  I build organizations and have had the wondrous opportunity to launch several IT organizations for a Virgin Group company.  I'm also a design thinker, futurist, coach, mentor, facilitator and a practitioner of different healing modalities.

My Mission:  To create a world where everyone can live to their fullest potential

My Personal Story and Case Study: Using this system, I was able to build the success habits to conquer all areas of my life.  I successfully broken the chain of worry and insecurity in my parents and family and helped repair the shame and guilt left by my parent's divorce.  I took my health to a new dynamic level losing 30lbs and having the same energy and metobolism as when I was 18!  I successfully tackled a lifetime of "genetic" high cholestrol and have been balanced ever since.  I've taken my career to new heights, live my passion and became a thought leader in my space tackling sticky problems.  I've learned, and apply and practice 5 healing modalities all within a years time.  I purchased and live in the loft of my dreams.  I've become a master of gourmet camping!  I'm on track to financial freedom. I have super awesome and supportive friends. The greatest news, I am helping and have helped others closest to me tackle theirs fears and start their journey of living their dreams.  To me, that is EPICness at work.


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