Become an Athlete

I want to build myself up to the level where someone looks at me and wonders why I'm not in some sort of professional sport.  Why do I want it?  I want to have children soon, and 7-10 years from now I want them to see me as inspiration and not as an old man.

So, I've set myself expectations.  Most people call them goals, but I'm calling them expectations for this projects, because that feels firmer than a goal.  Current expectations I'm working towards meeting are:

Bench 225 pounds
Squat 405 pounds
Deadlift 405 pounds
200 Consecutive Push-ups
Be able to do a pull-up
Maintain a 4-5 Day/Week workout routine
Eat better

My current plan is to assess where I am currently towards these goals and determine what I need to improve.  By increasing my strength and incorporating a reasonable amount of cardio, I expect excess fat to eventually be burned away.


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