Sui Yoong Ong

Learn anything is never too late



Become a logo designer in few minutes even no idea.

Help anyone to design their own logo or who thinking to become a logo designer for easily with in few minutes.

Here is my milestoneto become a teacher on skillshare.

 Milestone 1: Start My Class Draft - Due Monday, September 5th

I write a idea before I start publish a class. Also I ready a video recorder ready to record my videos. 

Milestone 2: Class Topic and Project - Due Monday, September 5th

I write a script with title, description on papers. Watch the Teach an Amazing Skillshare Class to learn some skill of making class.

Milestone 3: Outline - Due Friday, September 9th

Complete my own outline using this outline template from September Teach Challenge Calendar page. Follow the guideline to Share a link to my outline in my class project. 

Milestone 4: My Introduction Video - Due Thursday, September 15th

Check out filming resources in our Teacher Handbook, and practice my teacher presentation skills. Upload my video to YouTube and here is my video link:

Milestone 5: Wrap up Filming & Start Editing My Class- Thursday, September 22nd

Wrap up filming and start editing! Post an edited sample video lesson on Youtube, and embed the link into my project or share the direct URL.

Milestone 6: Publish My Class - Due Friday, September 30th

 Upload my videos to class draft (click "Start a Class") and finished setup information and published.

Milestone 7: Market Your Class - October 1st - October 15th

Share my class link to Facebook group, friends and family, forum and YouTube. After recommended my friends they are also joined skillshare to start their teacher journey. Next I will keep to sharing my class. =)



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