Become a competitive triathlete

My story isn't very inspirational as compared to others but I've always been a fairly competitive person all my life. It really all began with playing the boardgame Pretty Pretty Princess with my boy cousins. That's right boy cousins. Whenever I'd loose a game, I'd pout about it and I lost quite often. Most of my competitive edge has now been confinded to my extra cirricular activites. 

How did I reach this goal? Well, back in my undergrad, I wanted to compete in a triathlon, I guess it was on my bucket list. I began seriously working out at the gym in my Freshman year of college because I went back home and my parents told me that I had gained weight, dorm food. I continued this routine of going to the gym for the next 4 years but I never saw the results I wanted. In my sophmore year, I became inspired by Tara from the The Biggest Loser because she was so devouted to losing weigth that she ran every morning. The Biggest Loser actually inspired me to run so I did. Naturally with any college, I started biking as my main mode of transportation but that's all I see cycling as, a mode of transportation. I'm horrible at biking and still don't have enough patience to tough it out but hopefully that won't be so true anymore by the end of the year! And of course, swimming. I've been swimming most of my life, inspired by my older sister actually. I was a late bloomer at 12 (when I finally lost my water wings) but out of all the events, I like swimming the best. I was on my high school swim team which was a highly competitive atmosphere. I continued to swim through out my undergrad and graduate studies and now on a Masters team. I would say I'm a stronger swimmer (not compared to the rest of my teammates) but strong enough to compete. Put these 3 discplines together and you've got a triathlon! I'm always up for challenging myself and what better way to do so than with the most awesome competitive sport of all? 


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