Become a UX designer

Become a UX designer - student project


My name is Helen, I'm a graphic designer and I want to "update" myself in UX design. So I'll have 365 days of UX learning and practicing.

That's my big PLAN It's in Russian but you'll know that I have one =)

Thats my blog created especially for my 365 day project:

My MVD is 30min of reading about UX + 1 blog post  or

                 30min of cours about UX + 1 blog post

If I accomplish this 6 days in a row I'll have 1 free day.

Motivation:1. I want to increase my paycheck.

                 2. Its so interesting for me.

I'm starting TODAY!!! YEEY!

P.S. Thanks a lot Cynthia Koo, for your nice and useful video course!