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Joshua Lepley

Designer | Illustrator | Art Director



Become a Design Heavyweight.

   I'm a Designer + Maker = Designsmith nestled in the hardwood forests of the MIdAtlantic. It is my dream, my passion to be a designer full time. To teach design. To speak about design. Live, eat, breathe design. I've started on that journey several years ago and have gained some traction in my world, but I need more.

   I've launched several business's. My work has been noticed and featured on some of the best sites on the web. My work resides in places such as Artek in Berlin Germany. I really do have a fair amount of accomplishments on my resume. But I want to take it further.

   I currently have a business called Intelligent Design Co. in which I design products and launch them to the marketplace. I've done 6 successful Kickstarters. Several of my products have gained some serious recognition. I've gained a decent following on Instagram but none of this has translated into steady sales.

   So, I turn to the great Gary V. for insight and know-how to be noticed in this noisy world.


I've been using Facebook all wrong. It's only been the dumping ground for my Instagram posts via Twitter. I've expected to gain results by using the same "content" across the all platforms at the same time. Add to that, I have been posting at the wrong time of the day just as Kit Kat did. So, here are a few ways I plan to engage my followers on FB. 

- Offer design tips, links to examples of good design, well designed products, articles, videos, podcasts & more.

- Offer free printable posters, desktop & mobile wallpapers, and DIY projects such as pocket notebooks and logos.

Once I offer enough value, then I will Right Hook asking followers to head over to IntelDesignCo and buy "X".


I've decided to focus my attention on one brand from here on out. I will be building Intelligent Design Co. only and continue using my personal accounts for my own fun.

With that said, I've found that Instagram is definitely my jam when it comes to gaining followers. Being a designer, it's the perfect place to showcase what I do and being artful in the photos comes natural to me. I've jabbed (I think) for the most part, not asking for much call to action. Although, I have been using Instagram & Facebook in the wrong order. I would allow my Instagram post to be fed to Twitter which was then fed to Facebook. Yesterday I made a post on the IntelDesignCo FB Page of a product (shown above) I/we really love. I put our logo in the lower right and a link for others to go check out the product. I also posted it later in the morning than I sometimes do, I used to have a tendencey to forget about the West Coast. Anyway, later in the day I posted the same image to Instagram with pretty much the same message. Received several comments and gained a couple followers. One other even asked where to go and buy said product. I'd say that is a success.


So I've been executing what I've learned so far and getting a feel for Gary's action plan with social sites. I've been pondering the differences of Instagram from Facebook and am devising a little different plan. I'm considering using my own account on Instagram as the account for IntelDesignCo. I believe that would work given I'm the designer for Intel, I also post a lot of what I'm working on to my own account now anyway and have a much larger following on my personal account. Actually, I wouldn't even call it my personal account, it's my design account. I was doing design work outside of Intel and posting it to that account. I've got the artisitic flare, definitely polished photos and so forth, I think by using my account on Instagram would lend an avenue of authenticity and also make the brand feel more human. Hope that makes sense. I am going to move forward with Instagram as JoshuaLepley suing hashtags such as #IntelDesignCo and tagging @IntelDesignCo. Then Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest will all be the actually Intel accounts. Thanks and Happy New Year.


Forgot to mention this in my past update, but I had reached out to a small group of followers asking them what their take on my story is. I regularly ask for product testers on my Instagram account and have compiled about a dozen people who love to test my products. I reached out to them asking what they thought my story is. The results are trickling in and it's quite cool to see their take on what I do.


IntelDesignCo has a Pinterest account which I just setup several weeks ago. I browsed for some of our products such as the Ecoustik docks and Pour Mason and was shocked to find their is conversation happening there about them. So, I repinned all the results and have included that in my strategy. Now, though after the Pinterest lesson, I've learned just what I think I'll do. Just as Gary V. said in the lesson I will use it to throw right hooks. I'll also do info-graphics for there as I love to make infographics. I'm excited to get moving on Pinterest.


I've been more active on Pinterest over the last few days and above is an example of something I've posted. I took time to post products in general, but then posted this piece of content as a "jab" I believe. The right hook is coming.


I had no idea Tumblr was so cool. I'm a creative and love to display my work, so perhaps it's the perfect place for IntelDesignCo. 

With that said, I have some fun ideas for GIF's so I'll knock something out that I can get posted.


I need more time for this. I want to create clever, funny GIF's but I need to time to find my look and voice. I don't want to just drop crap on Tumblr and pull a Smirnoff.


Funny thing happened a few days back. So, Intel has had a Twitter account for quite some time. It was the link between Instagram and FB and I never paid much attention to it. So it was a dumping ground of links and so forth. I would take time to thank most of those who followed too. Anyway, I got this PM the other day that basically said my feed was a drag and they would never follow me. They did say they liked my design, but my feed was too boring. So, I took a look at my feed and low and behold, it was a bloody drag. I Tweeted the gent who was so kind to call me out and told him thanks for the tips. I changed my feed over night. I posted great articles from my Feedly Feed on great design. Posted my excitement for the Seth Godin class coming right here on Skillshare. Responded to a few great tweets and more. This morning I received a Tweet from the same guy that called me out telling me how awesome the improvement is and that he is now following. One thing I think I'm going to do is unlink all my accounts so I can just "dump" content into one feed. Because like I learned here, it needs to be channel specific. 

I did the call to action Gary laid out. I searched the trending hashtags and replied to one tweet and tweeted one of my own.


Class is over. I'm going to take some time to digest what I've learned so far as well as sift through my notes. I plan to watch this class several more times to grab every nugget of info I can.

Thanks Gary.


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