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Become a Creativepreneur: Find an Online Business Idea from Your Creative Talents

Hello everyone! Thanks for such a great course Megan :) Here is my newest Skillshare class. This one is probably my favorite of my classes because I get to share my creative/motivational side with students...and it feel amazing!

I actually had more students to enroll in one week of this course than I did in an entire year of one of my other courses. There are likely various factors contributing to this. One idea that I have is that because it's the beginning of the year, and people are soul-searching, goal-setting, and new year "resolutioning", students may be more open to this type of inspirational business course.

I'm simply thankful to be able to help people with their business ideas and finding inspiration from within.

Here is my about section on my Skillshare class page:


Here is an example social media post on my Facebook business page:


Facebook must like Skillshare because it organically reached 278 people...which was nice.

Next Milestone:

Help 500 students. I'm brainstorming ways to make this happen. Megan gave some really helpful info, some of which I had no clue about until this class. I will update this project area when I have more to share!

Good luck to everyone. I'm enjoying looking at your different projects. Keep up the good work!

- Kari 


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