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Annie Jones

Writer, Writing Teacher, Self-Growth Educator



Become Self-Aware Through Writing

Let's write for ourselves. No particular subject required. The focus is, however, you — whatever is on your mind, really. I do this as a daily practice. Why? Well, because it helps me clear a path. It helps me breathe & see better.

When I begin this practice, I allow my mind to begin with the chatter: the to-do lists, the badgering, unforgiving voice that nags and recalls withheld emotions, etc.

As the practice progresses, words unfurl across the page, my mind is able to retreat to the space in which dreams, truths, stories, and ideas live.

The reason why it's difficult to access the peace & quiet of our minds is because there are mountains & mountains of clutter that need sorting through.

My suggestion is that we give ourselves the gift of more bliss. More time to churn through the juicy, pungent material that our imaginative brains are capable of producing.

How? We have to be committed to sitting down with ourselves on a frequent basis.

The best part is that this practice is far easier than one might think. 

I guarantee that you will learn so much about yourself in a quick & concise amount of time!


Assignment #1

To be completed in under 30 minutes.

  • Pick a time in your day that can be dedicated to quiet attentiveness.
  • Bring along a pad of paper & pen. No erasers.
  • Perhaps step outside, if weather permits.
  • Find a comfortable seated position.
  • Take large gulps of air. Breathe deeply again.
  • Close your eyes.
  • What do you hear?
  • Birds, maybe.
  • Maybe you hear yourself, too.
  • Possibly, you hear a voice reminding you to pay a bill.
  • Underneath that, you may hear a voice retelling an old dream.
  • Once you're comfortable, allow yourself to begin writing.
  • Write for 10 minutes. Don't stop. Use your internal clock.
  • Stop there, that's enough for today. Be proud.


 Assignment #2

To be completed 24 hours after Assignment #1 — in under 30 minutes. 

Reread your work and create a list of solutions similar to the examples below. Enjoy this one.

  • Thought: I miss riding my bike. I miss the way it makes my mind feel open, sort of like this.
  • Solution: Ride my bike today, or tomorrow. 
  • ThoughtI really wish my sister & I spent more time together. We get along so well.
  • Solution: Call my sister after she gets out of school. Ask to get tea together & catch up.
  • ThoughtI don't understand why I am anxious about my body image. I eat well & exercise.
  • Solution: Talk to a friend who may be going through something similar. Or, alternatively, read a few science-based articles relating to what my mind is revealing.
  • ThoughtI love, love, love reading children's books. So much so, I would love to create one.
  • Solution: Write a list of logistic steps that you might need to take to fulfill the first milestone of this goal. Then, on a lovely day, take my favorite notebook to the park, or wherever I feel inspired, and write / draw the day away. The world is mine. Tell a story & go for it!
  • ThoughtI am beyond stressed with my classes. I want to take a gap year but I'm afraid.
  • Solution: Write a helpful list of reasons why I might be afraid. Am I scared of disappointing someone? Worried that I might not achieve your longterm goals if I take a break? Perhaps ask a friend to walk with me through the pros & cons.



Once completed, upload photos / scans of your solution lists if you so choose. Let's inspire one another to create healthy habits of self awareness!

We all have the capacity to know ourselves better. And in turn, we can decide to become happier & more assertive versions of ourselves. The heart grows when it is listened to.


Thank you for joining me,





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