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Christopher Olivo

The Visionary



"Become An Unstoppable Force"

The force that drives me is somewhat still of a mystery.The reason i say that is because its not just one

thing, its multiple.There are somedays when im driven by those around me.Not letting them down and so

that alone holds me accountable.Then there are many others when im driven by the thought of how far

society has evolved & how far we can go.The thought of reaching the status of those that have clearly

changed the world for the better.To be honest for me it changes,its never just one thing.Granted that may

make things a bit confusing when determining if the drive fits the current goal you are focused on

accomlishing.However thats just how my brain works; thats how i work.So if i am ever asked "whats your

drive"? My only answer would be that i dont posssess just one core drive, i possess a multiple,depending on

whatever outcome i seek to achieve at the time the question is asked.


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