Zane Vredenburg

Associate Professor of Graphic Design




Update 2:

Based on a comments, I am taking my poster in a different direction. I want to portray Beck communing with nature rather than taming it as in the rodeo idea. I love these covers of Jugend magazine. They are the precurser to the psychadelic style Fillmore posters. I don't want my poster to be to psycadelic but I like the line quality and the colors of these cover designs.

reference materials for Jungend style poster:

Possible composition: riding bear in front of a full moonrise.

Update 1:

I am going to create a poster for the Beck concert I attended in Bend, OR last summer.

During the concert the bassist mentioned that they had gone hiking that day. This seemed funny to me because I did not think of Beck as a hiking kind of guy. So I want to create a poster that combines Beck with the natural elements of Bend, OR.

The end result will be Beck bareback riding a bear with the Oregon state bird and animal being represented. (bearback riding, teehee) I would like the poster to resemble an old rodeo poster in texture, color and style.

Here are my rough starts beginning with collage, then sketch and beggining PS work.


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