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Beck Calligraphy

I've been working hard on my new Calligraphy skills producing pages and pages of practice letters, I went through a couple different types of paper to see what worked best and found that Canson's Illustration Board worked will without bleeding and Canson's Tracing paper worked well for practicing my letters.

The trick to using the tracing paper was putting a couple of sheets of printer paper underneath because at times the nib would tear through the paper causing it to bleed underneath. 

So far I feel I've been progressing well and have already started employing my new skills into my design work. Which I am very excited about. I plan on placing a handlettered story beneath the title so that is what the space is for below the island.

Here is a compilation of photos of some of my calligraphy practice. 

Feel free to comment and give constructive criticism, It has been difficult for me to produce words in straight lines and to write italicized but I feel that is starting to progress. 

Any how back to my Calligraphy :)


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