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Because Your Body Is Not A Clock

For my project, I chose to design an ad for my favorite app, Clue. Clue allows a woman to keep track of her monthly cycle by entering a wide range of information about her period, pain, mood, activity, and all sorts of awesome stuff. I'm a doula and nanny, and I'm also very passionate about gentle birth, breastfeeding, and holistic well-woman and child care, so any app that helps a woman become more in tune with her body is the coolest in my book! 

So this image is my first attempt at applying misprinted, smart texturing. Thanks to this wonderful tutorial, I was able to set up this document with very little effort! I decided to use my name to start:


I then began to think about the Clue app brand, using their website for marketing references. I found this great line, "Get to know your body. It's not a clock," and thought that was perfectly representative of the purpose of the app, and the nature of a woman's body. I also really love midcentury clocks and thought that could be the perfect illustration and subject matter for this project. So I varied the tagline a bit- "Because your body is not a clock."- and started working on the clock illustration in Illustrator. Here is what I came up with first:


I really loved this first clock I made, but thought the ad would look better with a few more clocks and extra bits added in, so I created some more clocks and also used some free vectors I found online for the background elements, and this is what I created next: 


I'm still not completely satisfied with the overlapping, misprinted areas, and I also want to adjust some of the texture, but I think it's looking really great! As you can see I have yet to add text, but am working on that next! 


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